New PL3 - Keyword field has disappeared

Great PL3 Features
I don’t know how, but the Keyword field has disapeared
How can I bring it up again?


I assume you’re on a Mac because that feature has not be implemented yet for Windows.


No I am on Win10.
It was there but somehow disappeared…
Tried to make a movie pressed some
Ctrl Alt V
Ctrl Alt P
And it disappeared…

Cohen - it will only work on a Mac. It is coming for windows

Sigi, keywords do show up in Windows 10. I see them here in Windows 10. But they cannot be edited which I was aware of when I bought PL3. However, if no key words were entered using other software then the window to display keywords is not shown. The reason I can see the keywords area and the keywords themself are because I used other software to enter the keywords before brining the raw file into PL3. But, for cohen5538 I did know what would cause them to disappear.

ButchR You are right.
I have added a Tag in Picasa, now I can see this field but yet I cannot edit it or add any other Keywords

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Glad you see it. I read a post this morning on here that said they thought this may be expanded to allow entering and editing keywords in PL 3.1 for Windows. That will be pretty neat.

Hello guys,

On Windows the keyword panel appears only when the image has keywords. And it’s hidden when no keywords are detected:


The other functionality like (adding/removing/editing) will be provided in PL3.1

Svetlana G.

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Realized that.
Waiting for the update :slight_smile: