New PDF Manual

If you are like me and use a PDF manual for Photo Lab 2 there is a new one available that you may want to DL.


Do you have a link?


See if this works



That’s brilliant - thank you.

Thank You :smiley::


The original user guide is here : . Unfortunately, the PDF converter available on this page doesn’t work very well. Also, the version number of this PDF document is still 1.0 while the online version doesn’t show any version number. So, is it really new (a new version) or does “new” mean there was no DPL 2 user guide before (although I have the link to the online version for DPL 2 since a while) ? The link provided by John points to a file that obviously comes from the PDF converter mentioned above.

So, what is actually new ? :blush:

There are some additions, the much disliked Nik button is there, as there hasn’t been much change since version 1 there is little to look for. I expect the button prompted the updated manual though why they are so pleased with it I don’t understand.

Pat did you look at the manual. It does have new content. I posted because I thought others might want an up to date one. Also because it is derived for the on line manual it has to have the information that is in that version.

For PL3