New Nik v7 announcement in AP?

I’ve just seen an announcement in Amateur photography magazine of Nik 7. It looks like they’ve incorporated nearly all the big items from the recent online “consultation” with users. I’m very excited but I don’t see any word of the new release on the Nik web site? Does anyone know of a definitive statement about whats in the new v7? And what is out (apparently Perspective Efex :hot_face:

A quick search for Nik Collection 7 produced a few links, e.g. the following:

Also, launches with “something coming…”
Excitement caused by Nik updates has been a mixed bag though

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Thanks for the links. It confirms the AP announcement. I’d still like to see an official one from DxO and a complete list. It sounded like they had really applied most of the things requested on the consultation though. Especially around U-Points and selections and switching betweeen apps.

Well, the mystery will be over in a few minutes or hours…and we’ll all be able to read the release notes and user manual.

The Stoppers Link has been changed so I guess FStoppers put the review up before the embargo time. Hopefully we’ll see an update later today European Time.

Updates are generally at 3:00 p.m. French time

According to this weeks Amateur Photographer(weekly UK photography magazine), Nik Collection 7 is available from the 6th of May priced at £145 (new users) or £79 as an upgrade for existing users. I would imagine that DxO supplied Amateur Photographer with Nik 7 for testing, so their article will be accurate. In relation to Nik Perspective the article states: 'With parallel installation owners of Nik Collection 6.3 will be able to continue to use Nik Perspective. This must mean, that customers new to the Nik Collection, will have to purchase ViewPoint4, if they wish to benefit from DxO’s perspective control software.

Do remember though that, to date, DxO have defined ‘existing users’ as those with a version of NIK Collection no older than 2 versions previous, i.e. if you are on NIK 4 or below it is highly likely that you will not be eligible to upgrade to NIK 7 as 'existing user, even if you use your NIK Collection on a daily basis.

The DxO website now their placeholder up, so I suspect the official Nik Collection 7 announcement will be anytime now.

The announcement was made 20min ago, you must refresh your web page.

Yes, DxO seem to confine the upgrade price to owners of the current, and the immediately previous versions of their software.

And so my wallet will stay in my pocket again as the full price is not value for money for my usage

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Wow the speed improvement is impressive! Its way way quicker

There is a 30 day trial so no harm in giving Nik 7 a go.

I don’t need to try the free trial. My NIK usage rate, is only about once a month. That means my first year of use would ‘cost’ me £145 / 12 = about £12 per photo. That’s waaaaaaaaaay too much for me.

Sometime in the early 1970s, I can remember my Dad telling me photography was an expensive hobby and he was right!