New Nik Collection 2

Does the New Nik Collection 2 - (2019 - $.149.00) - is working with the old Photoshop cs5 ???

I own a Macbook pro macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Thank you


You can usually check compatibility like this

  1. go to
  2. select the product of interest
  3. klick on “buy”
  4. klick on “technical data”

Neither the location nor the term “technical information” feels logical, but this is how DxO arranged things as of now. Not very customer friendly for my taste…

  1. klick on “technical data”

can I go on technical data before I klick buy …?

I am sure that you can get info that way without having to buy anything.

Web pages change from time to time and all we need to do is search for things again when they have moved…

CS5 64 bits.
Check this page scroll down to last page system requirement version 2019