"New" Nik collection 2.3 question

I just received a mail promotion for Nik collection 2.3. I already have PL2 Elite installed. Questions:

  1. What is new to this Nik version?

  2. If I upgrade, how do I prevent it from installing PL2 Essentials over my Elite version?

I just received this e-mail, too. So, is the “new” “Nik Collection 2.3” just the original release of Nik Collection 2 with PhotoLab 2.3 Essentials? Or have improvements been made to the Nik tools since mid-2019? (Release notes suggest to me that nothing’s changed except maybe in the PhotoLab component.)

No idea. Apparently, you can say the same about DxO marketing :slight_smile:

According to a news release I read, version 2.3 of the Nik Collection has 10 new film types in Silver Efex Pro and the collection is now compatible with the Catalina operating system on Macs. I also read that the upgrade is free to those who purchased the Nik Collection 2 after June 2019. Since the Nick collection 2 wasn’t released until June 2019, that should include everyone who owns it.


Thank you Mark. Any comment on my other question regarding installation of Essentials when I already have Elite installed??

I am an elite user myself. Simply don’t install Essentials. If I recall when I purchased the Nik collection 2 which included Essentials, it had a separate installation process.


Thanks, will try that. I was under the impression that everything is installed automatically.

I can vouch for what they’re doing now, but back in June when I installed the Nik collection 2, I had the option to not to install Essentials and I did not install it.


even if Essential gets installed it should not be a problem. There is no software differencese between the 2 versions. The activation code - which you have for Elite, will “unlock” all the Elite features the moment you use it.


Got it, thanks for the additional info.

Nik and PL have two separate installers if you go in your account you can download just the NIK and Elite will not bother you.

If you check the very last line on the page you mention there is a link to this PDF with the details of 2.3 update.

I see nothing in that PDF specifically about a Nik Collection 2.3 update or about any minor update releases to Nik 2. Am I missing something?

Here you go. When you click on the link you will see a reference to version 2.3. If you were an early adopter like me and purchased the Nik Collection 2 prior to June 2019 you are not entitled to a free upgrade.


Are you saying a point upgrade will require another purchase??

Thanks. So the change is the addition of 10 film emulations to Silver Efex which weren’t already part of the En Vogue presets, right?

Installing Nik collection does not overwrite an existing dpl2 elite installation. It simply installs the niks.

Be aware that installation might not work for all users installed on a Mac with multiple user accounts. Installing NIK a few times for each account can help. As of now, the NIKs work - on my non-admin work account - with DPL as well as with Photoshop 2020 (version 21.0.1)

In Lightroom Classic (version 9.0) all work except HDREfexPro2, even though it is installed and visible in Lr’s module manager.

IanS, I bought my copy of the Nik Collection on June 14, 2019. The only thing I had to do to get the 2.3 update was to go to my account and download the software and install it. I did not have to purchase anything.

@ButchR Thanks for the reply. My account says software is up to date. Was that the same for you or was an update listed as available?