New madness added to export to disk

There is a new annoying thing with PL Export to disk. I export as jpegs my edited images and often use virtual ones so as to be able to compare them in fast view. Now exporting the virtual image I get a warning coming up saying there are identical name conflicts, exporting a virtual copy into a new folder get told there are “2 output images are involved in identical name conflicts”. But a virtual copy should save with a changed name so its not identical. Its madness I create a virtual copy and go export and I get told there are name conflicts. If I create a new folder I still get the same warning indeed at times am told some can’t be exported due to conflicts. As DxO don’t allow for renaming in export this is madness, its not the database as I have deleted that so PL must now be saving this output information somewhere else to any users. Any one know how to get rid of it?

Check you are not exporting to two different presets to the same folder at the same time.

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Thanks you are right though only one export was selected but the tick was still there in an earlier export option. Usually changing between them unslects the tick but clearly not every time. But I wasn’t exporting to the same but new folder, it was just the names not even location doing it. I had tried deleting the data base and folder and recreating a new folder and it was doing it, but un ticking the option not being used stopped it.

I’ve been caught out by this plenty of times. If you click on the main body of the preset, it deselects any others, but if you click on the ‘checkbox’ it adds to the selection.

I’ve now got into the habit of scrolling my selections to make sure I only have one.

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I had noticed that before and think it is designed this way which allows you to either select multiple exports by using the check marks or a single export by just clicking the export tile.

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