New Lens Modules - Nikon Z 100-400

Hi All,

I must have missed something? as I can’t find the new Lens Modules within my up to date PL6 software?

I am correct in thinking that they haven’t updated them for PL6 just yet?


si – only for Nik and FP

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Same here. Big fanfare, 351 new modules blah blah. But not for DxO PhotoLab and DxO PureRAW.
Very Soon they said, on the 8th March… I mean, it’s only been out for 10 months…Hummmm.

Maybe they are holding off on a PL 6 update pending other program updates. Hopefully we’ll see an update soon

Maybe they’re waiting for the Z8?
Rumour has it it’s announcement is due on the 23rd or thereabouts…:slight_smile:

The update is here today, enjoy.