New Films Simulations in Nik Collection 2.5

Relive the golden age of color film photography!

Whether it’s the glorious and punchy colors of Kodachrome 64 or the saturated luxury of Fuji Velvia, you can access these evocative emulsions without the need for a darkroom or the smell of developing chemicals.

Let’s have a look on the new Fujichrome Provia 400X film simulation

Provia 400x has bright and saturated colors with limited grain for a reversal film in this sensitivity range. It is mostly intended for reportage and sports photography requiring faster shutter speeds. Nonetheless, it’s the only slide film available for high shutter speeds with brilliant colors.


The link is going to a sound file.
Is this the right way to discover these new films ?

Hello Pieloe,

It is working now. enjoy!


How do the Film Simulations in Nik Collection differ from the Film Simulations of the Filmpack? I am honestly a bit confused which product includes which features, which is the reason that I have not purchased either program yet. I am quite happy with Photolab though. Which program does integrate better with Photolab?

There are two distinct target audiences for these products.

  • FilmPack is a native product by DxO
  • Nik by DxO isn’t otiginal, it’s a purchase. Nik is first a addon for PhotoShop.

If you are satisfied by FilmPack include in PhotoLab, then doesn’t change anything :wink: