New Features in NIK 2?

  • 42 NEW PRESETS ?

If I compare DxO NIK 1.x against DxO NIK 2 I can not see any new presets
in SILVER EFEX PRO 2; 038 Dark Glow … 047 Sun Bleached
all exist in DxO NIK 1.x. The only thing new is they are grouped into EN VOGUE.

The same applies to HDR EFEX PRO 2: 29 Cool Deep … 40 Winter dream
are definitely not new; they are grouped into EN VOGUE.


as far as I see this feature already exists in DxO NIK 1.

It looks there are only 20 new presets available and maybe some minor corrections which in my opinion can justify an update free of charge but not an upgrade.


NIK doesn’t open RAW files.
Look at this thread for more comments on that!

There are 42 presets spread across 4 of the plugins, just look for the En Vogue group. There were two other changes in this release.

  1. The 4K monitor problem which causes the interface to display too small to read is fixed.
  2. The Collection now includes PhotoLab 2 (Essential Edition) for RAW conversion.

If you’re an existing PhotoLab user, download the latest edition and you’ll see a new button (bottom right) to launch the Nik Collection.

Here’s the review I did on YouTube if your interested