! New DxO Project - Beta Campaign Recruitment!

Dear all,

You know that at DxO, we always strive to bring new tools, new technologies and improvements to photographer’s digital toolbox.

Currently, we’re looking for people who would like to be part of a new beta test program for a project that will keep on expanding the possibilities of photographic expression.

Though we cannot disclose any specific information yet, we’d like to recruit a limited number of users who, we believe, will contribute to the success of this incoming product by providing precious feedback, suggestions and comments.

So, if you’re interested and like to get more information, please let us know by posting in this thread.

We’ll contact you individually to proceed.
Thank you again for your support,

DxO development team


Yes, please - - Count me “in”.

John M

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Sign me up! :slight_smile:

Yes, like to take part.

Sounds interesting!

I‘m very interested

I am interested also

I’ll be happy to participate.

I’d like to be included for this (when it becomes clearer what is being considered I’ll let you know if I think I don’t have anything to contribute).

Hi, you can add me to your candidate list.

I am interested so count me in if i am of any use to your project.

I am interested


O Captain! My Captain!

I’m interested in help out in every way I can.

I am in too if there is still a free spot.

Would like to participate.


I`m interested too!

I’m interested too in this opportunity!


I am very interested in this new Project.

The method will be identical to that of PL?
How many Beta Version will be to test.