New DxO Nik still crashes Photoshop CC in High Sierra

I just downloaded and installed the new DxO Nik Collection, and it is an improvement, but not everything is fixed. There are still stability issues (repeatable crashes) with the latest Photoshop CC on High Sierra 10.13.4, but not as many as there used to be. The “New Features” (compatibility and stability) advertised seem to be no more than marketing hype. There is even a new double-processing/double-layer bug in Color Efex Pro when save in a separate layer is selected in settings. On the bright side, Analog Efex Pro 2 seems to work just fine and Silver Efex Pro 2 no longer crashes EVERY time.

Apple just released the latest OS version, High Sierra 10.13.5. I am afraid to install it. I don’t want to lose even more functionality with DxO Nik Collection. Does anyone know how well the Collection plays with the latest OS?

The collection does not seem to be ready for prime time. In my opinion, this should be a beta release until the program is relatively stable and there are no known issues that cause crashes and loss of work done in Photoshop. Users should beware to always save an image in Photoshop before opening Nik, so if Nik should crash, you won’t lose unsaved editing work done prior to opening Nik.

So far I’ve not had any issues with Mac OS High Sierra up to 10.13.4 and Lightroom CC Classic/Photoshop CC as opposed to a completely non-functioning set of Nik Plug-ins under High Sierra prior to DxO’s June release.

I found this work-around for the crash problem: