New DAM for Mac users who still work with analogue film

A while ago I bought “Photo Statistica” for Mac from Bristol Bay Code Factory because I wanted to know which focal lengths, apertures, speeds etc. I often use, also to dust off the rarer focal lengths.

They now have developed a DAM tool “PhotoOrganista”, only for Mac. I find the small screenshots a bit overloaded, you can hardly recognize the pictures because of all the information. But else than that, it appears sort of acceptable.

But as a unique selling point, they have coded in fields for analog image data. You can also do this with keywords, of course, but separate data fields are perhaps clearer? Which film was used, which developer, which ID has the film in your archive and so on.

It’s unclear to me how well it integrates DxO, I don’t need another separated DAM, but for people digitizing their films it might be a proper tool?

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Check if it has a possibility to open an image selection with an external application of your choise. If it has, it ought to integrate fine with Photolab’s External Searches.

I’m a little bit surprised there is a market for a nische product like this. Personally I think it would be better to open many closed IPTC/XMP-schema based products so we could define our own data-elements. That goes for all converters I know and even PhotoMechanic.

Sorry Stenis, but I only posted it to give the DAM + DxO users another option. I don’t need this kind of external, disconnected to the RAW development way of organizing images. Others might be happy about. And since my latest DxO PL version is 5.16.0, I don’t think it would be useful to try “Photo Organista” with an outdated PL version. But there’s a trial option, so anybody who wants to give it a try… Their “Photo Statistica” is actually quite nice.

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Ok. I really would be surprised if that software shouldn’t integrate integrate fine with Photolab 7 as long as it fully supports XMP.