New bug in 5.4.0 - Mouse wheel deselects local adjustment


I recently noticed a new bug which has apparently been introduced with PL 5.4.0 - at least I didn’t see that behaviour before. (Windows 10, if that matters).

When I open an image, set a new control point or control line, activate the mask display and then move the luminance slider by rotating the mouse wheel, suddenly the control gets deselected (and the mask view disappears). This is fairly reproducible here - it only takes about a few increments with the mouse wheel to make it happen.

Take care that the bug does not show after moving the color saturation slider first, or when changing the setting for an already existing control point. Reproducibility is best when working on a freshly created control point (or line).

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Yes, could reproduce it once with a controlpoint (LA disappeared / got deselected), but then after no more.

[ Have to activate the Luminance slider first before using the scroll wheel …
Isn’t it simpler to click on the slider’s range, hold the mouse and drag to the desired position?
“Click → Double click/reset → Click” to check & compare the effect. ]

Delete the control point and create new one. At least for me, it’s reproducible then.

I prefer using the mouse wheel. Maybe it’s a matter of personal taste which method appears “simpler” to a particular user…

This has to be Windows only as Mac doesn’t allow moving the slider by mouse wheel

DIFFERENCE !!! trörö :scream:

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What cursor are you talking about?
I can’t move the cursor of the control points with the mouse wheel in Win 10

We’re not talking about the control points themselves, but their selectivity properties - these are located in a separate “local adjustments” palette with sliders for color saturation and luminance.

I was able to reproduce it but it’s really random.