New and unreported issues

My attempts at installing the updated DXO Nik pack have creates issues I haven’t seen reported here. I’m on Windows 10, the most recent Photoshop edition and have plenty of disk space.
. Only three of the apps install and link to my up-to-date Photoshop: Viveza, Silver Efex and Perspective Efex. The remaining apps Color Efex etc.produce an either or nag screen “your trial has expired” with choices to buy the product or exit. A window to enter my license number never appears.
. My two operations with Silver Efex went smoothly.
. I opened a ticket with technical support last night, but no answer. So with this update I’ve paid twice for programs I can’t use. I’m glad to see some user issues resolved, but some of us are still stranded.


Are you referring tot the latest version 4.1 which contains some bug fixes? While It still may not resolve your issues, If you haven’t downloaded it yet, give it a try.