New AMD 7040 laptop CPU coming with AI processing

AMD 7040 news

New laptops are expected in March 2023 with AMD RDNA 3 GPU and now a XDNA AI engine (technology from XILINX). Can we expect Photolab DeepPrime to use either of these technologies?


This is good news IMO. Let’s hope that DxO chooses to support their AI processors. If the AMD tech can match Apple’s Neural Engine for efficieny then that would be amazing for using Photolab/PureRaw on a lightweight machine (eg a laptop without a dedicated GPU) and for battery life.

My concern is that it is likely Intel will come out with its own AI tech, which DxO would need to choose to support too.

Now, with choices on where to dedicate development time, do you support AMD/Intel?Both?

‘Both’ would be the preferred option of course :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in future support of the AI engines of AMD and Intel. Moreover, AMD obviously plans APU with considerable GPU performance (see rumors around the Strix Point Halo products). It would be great if support of these chips (and an eventual competitor by Intel) would result in a similar experience in DxO as it is currently the case with Apple’s Mx-processors.

Totally agree. Qualcomm have just announced a new processor too that looks like it will be a serious competitor to the Apple M series. It also has a NPU, so even more for DxO to support!

Seeing as Photolab still doesn’t have user customisable keyboard shortcuts I’m not particularly confident about how soon all three of these new NPU processors will be supported by Photolab!