New Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic Versions and Nik

I just gave the Niks a test run with Adobe’s new Lightroom Classic and Photoshop apps.

As far as I can see from my rudimentary tests, the Niks seem to work with the new kids.

There are new icons too:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-16 um 17.34.13

I find that all plug-ins are again failing when opened from either LRC or PS. The plug-in opens but is blank and I am having to force quit then go back to LR or PS and open the photo again. The second time it runs smoothly. This same problem occurred when Catalina first came out. The solution then was to open each plug-in as a stand alone before using it and all would be well. That was a cumbersome solution. Somewhere down the line the problem was fixed so I hope it gets fixed again.

yes, I did that without thinking because the lesson I learned with most DxO software is to open and close it a few times before actually working on images.