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no…I haven’t forgot who I am :sweat_smile:t but didn’t remember where I can find the explanation of the blackwhite filmtypes. I know we have discussed it 1 or 2 month ago, but…???

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hmm, needle in a haystack kind of thing.

Can you add more info about the needle you’re looking for?

Hi @platypus
do you live in the forum and never sleep.
There was a description of all the filmtype emulation in textform where with all the types like
was a little description with little history and advantages and so on.
Difficult to describe…I will go searching on.


I’ve got it

Color slide film (
Negative color films (
Black and white, and snapshot films (


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not really…

Your screenshot hints at FilmPack, so this might be something to look for…

Yes that’s the links
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Old man, your account image must be ancient then :grin:

Yes 8 years old :sunglasses:

If you run FilmPack in stand-alone mode you’ll be able to scroll thru the list of all film emulations, and see a detailed description for each one …
Like this; image

John M

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Mine too. It’s out of a book published in the eighteensixties, almost 100 years before I was born :roll_eyes:


Good Morning John,

the hint with stand-alone was the last mosaic stone.

Thanks and enjoy the week

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