Need Help with Purchasing DXO Photolab 4

I am a LR Classic user and am thinking about switching to DXO Photolab 4. I could not find a contact number on the website for someone to help me. Does anyone know how to contact DXO?

I tried to submit a support ticket, but a license number was required. I obviously don’t have one.

Thanks, John

Why not just download the 30 day trial and see what you find?

If you have any questions, you could also ask here.

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Get the trial as @Joanna proposes and see if PhotoLab can replace Lightroom in your world.

If you use and rely on Lr’s asset management features, you might find that PhotoLab cannot replace Lr yet. Same if you also use Lr plug-ins that don’t run or exist outside the Lr ecosystem.

On my computer, Lr and PL coexist happily. Each in its own set of tasks.

Good morning @john0409 and welcome to the forum!

Please, submit your request here - Submit a request – Customer Support
and select Commercial support - Before Payment.

Svetlana G.

Welcome @john0409! I am a new convert from Lightroom to DXO. I started with Lightroom 2 and am now a very satisfied PhotoLab 4 user. No, it isn’t Lightroom, so it will take some getting used to, but the image quality is better in my opinion and PL4 has a lot of advantages in other areas of raw processing etc over Lightromm…in my opinion.

So, I will be learning along with you. The people here are very helpful.