My Presets does not "Add to Photos" ... at all! (MAC)


I have made my own presets in DxO PhotoLab.
I use these on my photos.
These photos will not be transfered to (Apples) Photos …

The ones where I used the “Build in Presets” goes all the way, but mine stops.
And not one is being sent to Photos if one has mine preset …

OK you made those in the preset editor? and give them a name?

I don’t have a Apple computer so can’t help there.

What do you mean by that? only one image gets your preset? or you need to select every one at the time?

mind that you can’t see which preset is active on the images (yet, is a request to DxO Staff) only clue is knowing how your preset is looking in editing mode which tools you did activate for instance.
the only way to default preset to all other then dxo standard is to go to “preferences” and choose a other default for RAW. (But as i did, i discovered that once you opend a folder which got a default preset and you alter/modify that preset to your own it doesn’t react on the already loaded in images. (Yes i find this strange also, there are no side cars to throw away but stil the default preset is fixed.)
So to conger that just select all, choose a preset and remember which preset you chose.

I choose a 90% suitable default preset as starter and “override” this one for portrets and special landscape one’s with a other preset suitable for that.

If this isn’t what your ment then wait for a Apple user. :slight_smile:

Hello, and thank you very much for answering.
I will try to clearify …

Yes. I have made a few presets and named them. They are located in Presets -> General purpose presets
And everything was fine before the latest update. I used the presets and exported my photos.

Now, after using my presets, the photos will not be exported to Photos, nor Disk. They are “cancelled”

Usually I work with 5-30 photos. Some are edited a lot, some maybe nothing (except for noise reduction). If any of the photos have been edited with the presets I have made, everything stops when trying to export (being Disk or Photos). If no photos have been “touched” by my presets every one exports smoothly to their destination.
And this was not a problem before PhotoLab … everything was just fine before. I edited my photos whatever way I wanted (love DxO) and exported with no problems what so ever. My presets do not work in PhotoLab, but they worked a-ok in the former version of this wonderful software.
You understand?

ok, as far as i understand photo’s is a viewer / dam program?from mac based?
and second, if just export to disk , developed and stored also a cancelation?

can it be a right issue, you pc don’t accept the file because of writing rights? secured folder?
( yes i know why accept default and not your own preset named… don’t know is just one of the things to check.)

and this only appears when you use selfmade presets?

  • if you use a dxo preset and alter, change that to the exact setting as you safed preset does this cancelation also happens?
  • and if you did could export and then do norhing only just safe setting named nr one and export again what happens then?

it could be a hicup in the dopfiles: what you could do is copy the dopfiles place them in a temperaly folder , and delete the one’s after that in de image folder , reopen dxo pl, select your preset and apply, then immidiatly export to see whats happens.

hm, exporting from DPL to an application is a two step process

  1. Apply a preset to an image (or lots of them)
  2. Process the image(s)

So far, I’ve not seen that export can be incorporated in a preset.

This is done when you hit “export to disk” photo for photo is developed and saved after that as photonumber.jpg/tiff

No a preset doesn’t export as a automated future.:slightly_smiling_face:
i think he ment that if he select export after applying a self made preset something wrong happens: program cancels export somehow. And this don’t happens when a factory preset is applied.
(that’s what i understood atleast)