My Mac crashes when using color efex 5

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I have the trial version of version 5.0.5 x65 (5.1.0). I’ve used it as a stand alone and with photoshop.

I use DxO PureRaw, which is excellent, but never Color Efex.

So, I’ve been experimenting to learn about the different features.

Well, regardless of whether I use it as a stand alone or plug in, it crashes. A lot. Every few minutes.

I’ve tried to work with their support team, but the person I’ve been working with has been strangely unhelpful.

Any thoughts on what might be the issue and how to fix it?

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Are you on M1/M2 or on Intel?

I’ve had the same experience and have reported it to DXO support.

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My MacBook Pro has an intel chip.

I am using a MacBook Pro with an Intel processor.

That’s strange then as it’s the same underlying architecture on which Nik is running. That’s a very serious bug. I hope DxO fixes it soon. I’m still running Nik 3 which did run reliably on Intel. I don’t have it installed now on my M1 so I don’t know if Nik 3 runs on M1. As you are on Intel, a backgrade to Nik 4 or Nik 3 would make sense.

I have filed a crash report from my Mac Studio max with DxO for crashes from Color Efex - also crashing with Silver Efex, both from Nik 5. No response yet and I am presently avoiding using the programs.