My feature wish list

Hello DxO Team,

first thank you for your products. I am using PhotoLab, Viewpoint and Filmpack and these are great photographer tools. I love to work with it and hope for great updates in the future.

I have some wishes/ feature list for Photolab you could think about it.

  1. Folder browser:
    I would love to see if I can hide drives or folders in the browser. Usually I have my library e.g. c::/my documents/ picture and a pre folder where I copy my images from cam for raw development. These pictures will be export to my library. I wish I could only see these two folders/ paths and no other drives or folders. It would increase the whole overview of the program.
  2. In term of overview…
    in the edit window it would be great if you can add a solo modus like in Lightroom. It´s confusing when all tabs are open. I like when all the other tabs collapse automatically when I edit on one tab e.g. the tone tab. This could be done in a free update :slight_smile:
    3.Selective tone
    The RAW converter I know have a slider to adjust the whites. In PhotoLab there is only a slider for blacks. To balance my histogram it would be helpful if I have a separate whites slider. Right now I have to adjust the highlights but I don´t think this is the right way.
  3. PhotoLibrary - keywords and map
    Your Library is a great feature because it´s simple. I really hope you will add the possibility to add tags or keywords for my photos. But keep it simple. It would be also nice if you add a map feature. It hasn´t to be too complex, just a window with a link to google maps which will be only activated if I choose it. E.g. I open the map tab click on “find on map” and then PhotLab will connect to google maps to show me the place. This will reduce the CPU. I hope we see that in PhotLab 3….:slight_smile:
  4. Please add LUT´s.
    It´s a great way to boost pictures. I know you have the Filmpack which I love to use. But there a tons of Lut´s out there and people want to try them. Again…keep it simple. In most software I have to load every single LUT. This is annoying. It would be cool if I can import all of them, categorize them e.g. Portraits and then scroll through all of them. Like you already have in the color adjustment window with the Filmpack add-on. That is really good and easy. By the way you could sell LUT´s on your website.
  5. Add a FX section.
    Here you can find nice photo effects like Orton effect or high key and so on. Luminar has it and sometimes it works nicely on pictures. Maybe you sell those filters on your website?

I am really pleases with your program but the market is tough. Skylum will make a huge step with Luminar 3 and their DAM. I would be sad if you fall behind them. By the way I have the feeling your marketing isn´t the best. I can´t remember how I find you but I don´t see any hints or tips for your software in the internet. On Youtube there are a few videos but not from the big players. I think this is a good platform to increase the popularity.

Kind regards Christian

The problem with this all in one list is, that it won’t get any attention, because it is a list of unrelated topics, so it is not really voteable. If you would for example create a topic for LUTs only, I think many people would vote for it. But search first, wether there is not a topic already under “Which feature do you need”. Keywords are on their list, so no need to create a topic for it. I think for FX, you will be forwarded to NIK. It is not that integrated as Luminar, but there is already a topic for NIK integration. Support for reverse geocoding and display on a map is also a point on its own. A whites slider is also an own topic. For 1) it would be easier to create a whitelist, instead of a black list, so that you define, which folders you want to see, instead the ones, you want to hide. And so on…

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Hello Christian (@chrisspeed),

Fisrt of all let me thank you for the kind words and the support. And now about your wish list. All the suggestions/requests should be votable and @Asser explained it why. You know we monitor the suggestions and the number of votes they have to come to a conclusion how important it is to be implemented and when. But if they are all in one topic it’s impossible to analyze.
So, could you, please follow Asser’s suggestion and create separate requests? To let you know - you do not need to do it for the keywords (they are on the way) and geocoding.

Svetlana G.

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