My favorite DXO Photolab Backlog (from a Lightroom user)

I’m very impressed with the huge Dxo line product improvement.
Before I quit Lightroom that I don’t want to pay monthly, here are belove the 7 functions I miss the most in DXO and that I have prioritize according to my user value (might be different for other users) :

  • I want to record, insert or not a filigran in the position, the size, the font, or with a graphic when exporting (Like Lightroom) because I publish photos
  • I need a DAM or catalog to manage my photos with tags (Like Lightroom). I know a DAM is being worked by Seriff Affinity Photo (forum source). May be Dxo could use this one ?
  • I want to see my photos on a map tab or be directed to a distant web map from my gps data exif
  • I want a bidirectional Affinity photo plugin to quit Photoshop with this very powerful and professional alternative to photoshop. Dxo partnership with Seriff ? I noticed many DXO users appreciate Affinity photo
  • I want to merge photos for HDR with options. Next with Nik software implementation ?
  • I want to merge photos to make diaporamas
  • I want to use a more powerful repair tool : correct, duplicate, opacity,source and size selection

If DXO wants help, I’ve many ideas and can participate in the backlog construction.


You may want to take a look at a separate DAM, IMatch does the DAM functions much better than Lightroom, plus has a number of additional features. Free trial available, excellent support including an active user forum.

Or you keep using Lightroom as DAM. It continues working as such after subscription ends and costs nothing.

Hello @c091296133b09a2a3e8f,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Well, we are working on some of the points you described. Some of them are in the backlog. The rest we’ll discuss with the team.

Svetlana G.

Almost 3 years later and after reading a question about what are the most wanted features for V5 :

  • 1 : done. ok
  • 2 : done. ok
  • 3 : still wanted
  • 4 : done ok, except with pespective plugin
  • 5 : Nothing and I consider it’s the basic functionnality I miss the most in Dxo. I often do exposure bracketing to capture a wide dynamic when doing some difficult landscape with very dark foregrounds and very luminous skies. Sometimes ND filters can’t do the job with complex zones such as mountains. I would very very appreciate to have a native HDR function to optimize dynamics even if beginners in photography considers too often HDR is a gadget for creative purposes. I stil want, like lightroom for many many years, a dng as a result of a HDR merge with all the dynamics.= on which I can process my photo.
    That’s the main reason I can’t quit Ligtroom.
  • 6 : still missing. I do expect a lot.
  • 7 : good progress