My Astro Timelapse works with Photolab

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I announced my Astrophotography Timelapse work. this project was with DXO Photolab for RAW process. Much of RAW files were dealt with Photolab and Composed in Motion. Hope you like it!


Beautiful, thanks!

Wonderful. Can you tell us something about how you did it and the camera settings?


Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for comment.

Most of movie footage made by NEF files convert to DNG in DXO. and DNG sequences are composed in Apple Motion workflow.

Camera setting is for 10~20 sec per shots. Due to Astro modified Z6, Color temperature fixed in DXO. Another setting for camera is same as ordinary astro shooting. Some scene was compose foreground shot and Tracked sky.

Finally composed in Motion, for HDR, Gamma and Colour modification was hard. Actually, this is 12 bit work. My shooting location is Maximum Bortle 3 sky. Not so good for Astro photo shooting. If not 12 bit workflow, never make HDR movie. DXO made well conversion from NEF to DNG.

I had to search for astro mdified Z6. I never heard of it. Filters are removed/added to the camera. I only know of this process with IR photography.
How did you convert the NEF files to PNG. I don’t have the possibility with my version. I even don’t know what a PNG exactly is. Yes, it’s a RGB raster image but what is the difference with the other RGB raster images?
I only did a few times shooting stars and making a timelaps of it. That was on holidays. I live in Holland and there is to much light pollution.



First to say sorry. It’s my mis-wrote. that PNG is should be DNG. There are no way to export to PNG directly in Photolab. Some different with another format, PNG can have alpha channel.

And My Astro modified Z6 is removed blocking Infrared wave filter. It make accept more Hydrogen-alpha wave which are showing more red in hydrogen gas existing nebular. My Z6 can use for normal photography also. Thou It made more red shifted image but can fix with RAW process. This include auto focus enables.

I didn’t have experience with IR camera yet but IR wave can thru city light even can’t have color but only have lightness.

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One more question. Continuing other threads about DNG. Why do you use DNG and not TIF? You do the editing in PL so you export with all edits applied. What’s left is a TIF in a DNG coat.
Just curious for your choice.


In my case, I use DNG because generally lower amount of data than tiff. even same16bit output, DNG is lower.

I changed some part of movie in follow link


Congratulations. It looks marvellous :star_struck:

Thank you!

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Beautiful. Perfect choice of music. Compliments.

Thanks for reply. sorry I just check. too late.

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Beautiful work!

Thanks a lot!