Multiple files deletes missing

Before the latest update I could select multiple;tiple files using the selector at the lower left of each photo. This is no longer available and it seems you must delete individual files in the preview pane, which is much slower and very irritating!

What selector? I don’t see anything, even going back to PL4. Can you post a screenshot?

Apart from that, it is always possible to use the Shift and Cmd modifier keys to make multiple selections, just like In Finder.

Unless my memory is playing tricks (I think not as.the user guide also shows this), previous to 5.2 you could multi-select for deletion by clicking the left corner of each photo This seemed the same as when on. the Windows version (recently moved to Mac M1 and used 5.1 without issue). I just tried Shift Cmd and can highlight photos but there is no delete? Certainly not the same as previous version.

Cannot remember this, but I also would never have used it, because like Joanna states out, I always do and did the selection like in the finder.

I’m on windows.


PL3 used to have a trash can icon in the bottom-right corner of each thumbnail, but that disappeared in PL4 and certainly hasn’t reappeared in any sub-version of PL5.

As it always has been for several versions, simply right-click on one of the thumbnails and the context menu contains an item to Remove…, along with the keyboard shortcut of ⌘⌫

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Nothing like this on Mac

True, now I can remember. But again, just use the normal finder commands.

Another unnecessary difference between win and mac.


But the @BobOwe is a Mac user and is asking in a Mac forum, so your reply is kind of irrelevant. What is more, if you were a Mac user yourself, you would know that the Preferences doesn’t contain any reference to a trash bin icon.

No, it’s just that the average Mac user is smarter and doesn’t need as much help :wink:

That means @BobOwe is under the average? You tell him!


Reading the original post, that wasn’t always the situation.


But it has always been the case since PL4 and @BobOwe states he has been running PL5.1 and PL5.2.

@BobOwe says he recently moved to Mac M1 and 5.1, but doesn’t say from Mac or PC

And in the rather chaotic manual (since Mr. Owe doesn’t help with screenshots) with it’s wild combination of Mac and PC mixed stuff without always clearly showing a difference, there’s one page in the German manual showing a trash bin. For PC… :roll_eyes:

I don’t get why someone needs a special icon to delete pictures in the browser, but I’m only an average Mac user… brain already simplified :relieved: … who cannot understand why icons need to be arranged differently in both versions? Just to confuse forum members? Alright…

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George, I agree. For the silly comments regarding Mac users, I have an MSc(Dist) in Information Systems (at age 52) and have worked with mainframe computers (and eventually laptops) since 1972. I retired a few years ago as a Prof and was then using both Windows and Mac. I got used to using PL2-5 on Windows before going to Mac M1 for the NP ability to process Olympus Om-1 AI NR rapidly (or at all). I have had three mini-strokes which affected my memory so cannot remember short cuts keys strokes for Mac or many other operating systems. I started on M1 with 5.1 and it worked the same as on Windows (I think it used the same system through effectively a VM. Installing 5.2 removed 5.1 and now operates natively, which is great from a speed perspective. However, 5.2 no longer works as the user guide suggests, which is as I described, and totally differently to Windows version 5.1. No screen shot of 5.1 as it is no longer installed.

That was meant as a joke.

I too went to university at the tender age of 37 but only got half a degree, due to the government withdrawing grants and ending up trying to live on only £2500 per year.

You didn’t mention that you moved from Windows at the same time as upgrading to PL5.2 - something which explains the confusion. When it comes to remembering shortcuts, or rather not remembering them, that is where context menus come in useful, especially since they also mention the shortcut to help you remember them.

For selecting multiple images, the only difference between Windows and Mac is using the Cmd key instead of the Ctrl key

And the trash icon, which disappeared in 5.1 as I understood. That missing icon was the question.


But since Bob gave no indication, in his original post, that he had only just moved to Mac from Windows; and that he is writing in a Mac forum, it was fair to suppose that he was talking about simply upgrading a previous Mac release.

As I said, from a Mac user’s point of view, answering a question in a Mac forum, the trash icon has not existed since PL4 was released.

Maybe off topic but what might be the reason not using the trash icon and becoming different from the window version? It can’t be related to the os.


The trash icon is simply not necessary and another cluttering bit. For some differences between Mac and Win I lack understanding the reason - ask DxO.