Multicolor control in HSL tool

ok noting scientific or repeatedly checked. just some playing around with images i did in v2 before.
some Dune shots which i did getting the “mood” of a windy winter sunny day.
This particulair image is about getting the "colorful foreground and windy clouded “emptyness” of medieval times " i remember out of the image. :slight_smile:

So i did the orignal way with sliders and Upoints and gradual filter, vibrance and such.

Dramatic, bit overprocessed and the bottom and top attracts your eyes until you see the tractor…

Second one did in V3 and readjusted the present localadjustments out v2. Creating a even more HDR look.

full saturated colors "BLUE"sky and dark clouds very contrast rich. even exposure.

So now my HSL trail: first VC then reset to preset, start from scratch.
no exposure compensation or selectivetonesliders or smartlighting or Contrast sliders touched.

first highlights compensation Upoint: exposure and clearviewplus just a touch to degrease the sunlightbeams:

then the graduation filter to uplift foreground.
again some clearview to get detail microcontrast.

Then i opend the HSL tool and selected all colors part by part using the desaturation technique.
See video

This i the new part which you can use, i now did a even saturation but imaging a unbalanced color palette by a colorcast or pale bleeched paint you can select the hole image in parts of color ranges (hue) finetune selection with the outer pins then use the sliders to correct and or outer pin to select a new huepart
i can warm up:

by raising "orange"and “purple” selection. getting a redisch glow over it.

Or emphase the green grass by using uniformityslider to pull out yellow:

playing with the sky:

or saturated the hell out the sky and turning it in to a unrealistic raincloud:

i settled for this:

So is the HSL tool also usable for very multycolored images?
Yes i think so.

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