Multi-point Colour Balance tool

Have just looked for this for first time since upgrading from DxO v11 and horrified that it seems to have gone (and that nobody has already asked for its return). I have only used it for landscapes needing a bit of emphasis and not done much landscape lately.

Much more powerful than Hue/Saturation/Lightness and quicker than going through 3 or 4 colours there.

The tool has been dropped a while ago and there were some posts about it.
See here:

The pipette for color pickup/modification has not yet arrived though (last post of the linked thread)

@platypus - I was pretty unimpressed with PL 1 and only upgraded when 1.2 came along.

Unfortunately that link is now barred, do you have access to re-open it for viewing please.

To be quite honest it strikes me that too much of DxO fundamentals were lost to take on Nik stuff, and so far I have found Local Adjustments a pretty bad bargain and am just hoping they will in due course be properly integrated

Here is a link to another discussion about this tool that You should be able to access.

Sorry, it points to a post in a limited area.

One feedback from DxO was: “…This tool is from another age, and i forgot it was still available on Mac platform (it isn’t on OpticsPro Windows for many years …)”

NOTE: the post dates from May 2017

Thanks Jim - works

I can confirm that it was part of Mac version upto DxO 11.4.5. As I remember things, it was in fact the flagship tool of one of the earlier upgrades. It was a very powerful tool that had to be used very carefully and often toned down on its slider and am sorry to see it gone. Which points me to another feature of Nikon Capture NX2 which used U-Point etc well: there was an opacity slider and 3 blending modes to fine tune local adjsutments.

It seems my DxO 11.4.5 is going to have to stay around (PL presumably being unable to access changes in images using defunct tools (along with Smart Lighting v7)

And for Smart Lighting with mode = DxO OpticsPro 9 !

John M

Here is the full reply about the Multi-point color balance tool:

Svetlana G.

Sorry Svetlana (a) it was on DxO 11.4.5 and only dropped with PLab (b) from what you are saying, you are obviously not familiar with its usage beyond crude changes of colour on one item in a composition.

On landscapes on maybe a day with less sunshine than ideal or a low pressure sky, it can be used to first, brighten the sky, then distinguish between different greens in woodland areas, then often bring out the richness of yellow-red reeds - all with one tool, the effect of which can then be reduced with the tool slider or re-visited if necessary. This sort of thing takes ages using HSL and even more if masks have to be used.

There are many tools that have been around a long time, right back to MacPaint/Color-it that were ‘classics’ that I would dearly love to see replaced instead of following fashion effects, for example.

Svetlana G.

Do you know “Warm tone Filter” in “DxO Film Pack” palette ?