/MULITPLE BUGS in v6.7 ... / Did DxO remove WB preset options for Linear DNGs in v6.7?


Did DxO remove WB preset options for Linear DNGs in v6.7 ?

I can certainly roll back, but I think I clearly remember that before when you open a linear DNG there were WB presets availaible - now it is just “As Shot” and “Manual or Custom” …

Do I have a memory loss ?!

no change – always …

Can you share one of your files so that we try?


I am talking about a linear DNG file that is opened in DxO PL6 and your screenshot is relevant how to this question ?

convert any raw file that you have to a linear DNG and open it in v6.7 and then go to WB drop down list

Yes I have the same with the V6.7 just“As Shot” and “Manual or Custom”
Then I opened these DNG with the V6.5 and there I have all the choices.

Well, then you have to ask DxO for their intention.
Don’t remember to ever have handled it different to export.

My interest was not to be restricted e.g. to AdobeRGB.
Screen Shot 06-08-23 at 12.49 PM

it is probably a bug , I rolled back to DxO PL6 v6.6 and when I open a linear DNG I have WB presets available in a drop down list ( the same as for original raw from which linear DNG was made ) … with v6.7 I do not have them !

DxO was messing with some other bugs in WB and introduced more :slight_smile:

it has nothing to do with “export”

v6.6 - you have the same presents for WB in drop down list for linear DNG ( and for non linear - for example converted with Adobe tools ) as for original raw

v6.7 - you do not… was such change documented in release notes for v6.7 ? I do not recall → bug

yes, I already rolled back to v6.6 and I have all WB presets… with v6.7 I do not… it is not the end of the life, just sloppy coding

Mr. noname,

I understood your problem. Just report it to DxO.

It is not “my” problem… it is DxO’s problem w/ poor QA

Release Notes for v6.7 indicate that somebody over there messed with the code around WB

“…Fixing issue on White Balance Temperature/Tint “as shot” values
Fixing the incorrect behavior on White Balance Temperature slider…”

one might assume that when you do this - you test :laughing:

and more to come - you can’t paste WB from the original raw file into linear DNG… that is just an icing on that cake :scream:

I open original raw file ( where I have WB set as Underwater = 150000/50, for the sake of illustration of this mess ), I copy correction settings… I open then the linear file produced by DxO from that original raw file and I paste the correction setting… and they are not pasting … WB is always reset to “as shot” … :scream:

I cannot even copy the white balance settings from one raw to another since PL5.11

Something has been severely messed up and not properly fixed with the newest updates…

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Hello noname,

the issue will probably be fixed next week with a monor update.

Thank you !