I need a Feature to use mRAW & sRAW.

I cannot believe thats not funktional.

Must i really use PS and LR again? Really?

Than i nether need a Programm like DxO!


Hello, welcome,
What is a mRaw and sRaw ?

sRAW is 4:2:2 compressed raw with original pixels summed into a smaller raw 1/4 of the original pixels used.

mRAW is a 4:2:0 compressed and summed raw with 3/4 of the native pixels.

Smart at the time of invention but not sure how commonly used they are today.
Perhaps DxO think the work invested in their raw engine to support it is not cost effective?


Sounds cool, never heard of it before.

Which camera saves files like this ?


Canon uses it on their main EOS DSLR line and perhaps some others. Since storage is very cheap these days and we now have large SD cards, large CF cards and large hard drives. As a result, there is little need for it as it compromises raw. Most of us Canon raw shooters strongly recommend not using it.


With today’s larger and faster storage options why are you still using sraw and mraw? It’s compressed raw and compromises the results you get.


Those are Canons inventions.

Nikon D810 have a small raw option as well. 1/4 resolution, 11 bits, poor recovery and yet quite large files. Not worth it at all.

If used historically, I would export them as Tiffs with their native software and then edit them in PL.

I still find mRAW useful,mainly for cricket - getting a smaller pic of the fall of a wicket is much better than a larger pic…half a second late, due to the buffer being full. I’ve had to use ACR for these pics, and it’s just not as nice as DxO; the colour isn’t great, and the lens corrections meh.

On my Nikons I save compressed RAW to one card and scaled jpegs to another card.
Those jpeg I use fo quick sharing and the raw I edit at home.

And there’s nothing else you can do to minimise the risk of running out of buffer, like faster card(s)?

It saves faster and with the fast Series of Pictures is a SHXD Card too slow with normal RAW

Its an Option from the Canon 6DmkII - it saves faster than the original RAW. Perhaps i should use Lightroom and Photoshop again…

I’ve a lot of old photos in mRAW (Canon 6D) and i still can’t belive it’s impossible proceed them in DxO…

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