Moving RAW images + edits to NAS?

Fairly new PL6 user and don’t know if what I’m hoping to do is possible, but would appreciate some guidance.
My planned workflow is to transfer my RAW images from my camera to a local folder (Windows PC) and do all my edits and exports from there. Once I’ve done all I need, I then want to move all the RAW files with their associated sidecar files, to my NAS for longer-term backup without cluttering up my PC.
If I do this and then want to open the file on the NAS to process again, will the original edits still be there or are they associated with the database (which will still think the files are local)?
Or do I need to transfer back to the PC to see previous edits?
Is there any advantage to moving the files from within PL6? Would that keep edits intact in the new location on the NAS?
I had started off just running from the NAS but despite being a fast server and network it still slowed down the processing more than I’d like.
Thanks for any advice.

Hi there.

As long as the sidecar files are moved as well a d together with the raw file it will be fine.

I don’t use the DAM functionality in PL but I believe that moving files from within PL is preferable if you want PLs database to be updated smoothly.
But I’m sure someone will fill you in on that matter.

Like @Required says; provided you keep the [RAW + Sidecar/.dop] files together you’ll be fine.

Assuming you move the files other than via PL, it will not recognise the RAW file as being the one that you originally edited/corrected on your local disk - because it uses {Name + Location} as the file reference to the db.

If you move the files using PL then it will adjust the database reference accordingly - so, it then will recognise a relocated RAW file as being one already edited/corrected.

If you’re moving [RAW + Sidecar/.dop] files without using PL to do so - you’ll be safest if PL is NOT open at the same folder/location at the same time (lest it do some unexpected clean-ups !)

I use a workflow similar to the one you describe - except that my archive location is to a different local drive (from the one that I use when editing/correcting RAWs with PL) - in a work-in-progress style.

In my case (because I have no use for / dependence on PL’s DAM features) I actually delete the database at the start of each new session with PL - - using a “wrapper” that then invokes PL.

HTH - John M

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@jko , there are a few threads dealing with moving files around and I propose that you search and read them for further information concerning your platform (Mac/Win).

Thanks all.
That’s all very helpful. I’ll have a trawl through the forum now that I have a better idea of what to look for for more information.

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This is exactly my workflow since some years and it works fine.
And when I need to work again on one of there raw on the NAS I work directly from the NAS with a quite good response time.

That’s good to hear. I’m glad my way of thinking wasn’t too odd.