Moving NIK to a new computer

I bought a new computer. I installed my copy of NIK Collection. I opened Silver Efex Pro and was asked for a License code. This also happened in Color Efex and Vivesa. This did not happen when I moved to a different computer 6-8 months ago. I have been getting NIK upgrades I cannot find my reference to purchasing NIK. Does NIK have a record of the purchase? And if so, how can this be fixed? I can remain using NIK on the old computer until this is resolved.

Thank you


I have this a lot, with different softwares including Photolab and Nik. I upgraded my laptops 3 times in less than two years, and the problem is the activation limit. Just contact DxO support and explain your situation. You may have to deactivate the programs on your older computers by uninstalling them while connected to the web, depending upon how many installations you have.

You should be able to find your activation code if you log into your account at Go to the bottom of the page and click on My account and log in.