Moving Local Adjustments from Essential Tools

At home I use my laptop with a editing screen. Using PL I have moved the palettes onto the laptop screen. This has worked well till trying PL3. The new Local Adjustments doesn’t fully “fit” onto the screen (its 1920 X 1080) Part is lost at the bottom. Unlike if the Essential Tools is docked you can’t move the palettes to get at it. Thus the only way of accessing it is to re dock it losing screen space which is a pity. Is there no way of moving the Local Adjustments, ideally as a free standing item to overcome this?

Hi John,

You could use menu item: Palettes\Create user palette … and then drag the Local adjustments header to populate it.

John M

I’ve never used the Essential version, but I was under the impression you can’t modify the interface in it. Can you create new pallets in Essential?


Thanks John that did it, a bit messy but I can get at the options. I hope DxO will take account of such problems when adding to Palette.

I’m not sure about that, Mark - - I have the Elite version.

All the same, it’s just an interface to amend the YourWorkspace.xml file … So, if you’re comfortable editing an XML file then you could;

  • Use menu item Workspace / Save workspace … to save a personal copy of the DxO standard
  • Locate the saved file in “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3\Workspaces
  • Amend it accordingly. Here’s mine, as a guide …

JCM Standard Workspace.xml (25.6 KB)

Regards, John M