Moving images from one project to another one


maybe I missed a simple thing, but I can “copy” an image from a project to another one by drag and drop, but can I just move it instead ? I tried using Alt / Ctrl or shift but this is not doing what a standard ergonomy would suggest. Is it possible ?
It’s quite counterproductive to remember which one you just copy to manually remove it from the first project.

Files in projects are not separate entities, they’re just “pointers” to files on disk.

By dragging files to a project, all you are doing is adding a reference between a file and a project. In that way, a file can be part of more than one project.

If you want to “move” a file, you need to remove the reference to it from the old folder - this will not delete the file on disk, just the link in the database.

Hi Joanne,

Yes I am aware of what is the project, I don’t want to move the image itself but the membership of a selection of images from one project to another one. Sorry if the formulation was misleading.

Most of the time, when I spend some time to browse some old images, I put my selection in a generic “Todo” Project. Then as a second step, I want to put them in more specific projects but can’t find how, without doing the two step copy+remove from initial .project

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Unfortunately, that is not possible at the present time