Moving from Windows to Mac

I just purchased an M1 MacBook Pro 16" to replace my Windows machine, largely to be able to run the new Olympus noise reduction on Workspace. However, I love DXO PL and will use it for most of my work IF I don’t have to copy back to the Windows machine. The move is very confusing! Is Clearview now Dehaze? Where are Prime and Deep Prime? Where are Local Adjustments? I have PL5, Viewpoint 3 and Nik Collection 4.

The Mac and Windows versions are functionally identical. There are a few UI differences but all the palettes and tools are the same. If you have set up a custom workspace on your windows machine, try copying that over to the Mac.

If you can post a screenshot of what you see, then we might be able help more.

To do that, simply press Cmd-Shift-4 and then the spacebar and a camera cursor will appear. Move the camera until PL is elected and then click the mouse button. This will save the screenshot to your desktop, from where you can drag it into a message here.

I apologise - please put it down to a confused user!