Moved processed images to another computer, have no edit history and virtual copies of each image

I have DxO on two computers and today I move some images from the first (on 6.3) to the second (6.2 until today) and now I’m having issues viewing edit history. First off, the second computer showed just the images with no edit history and now after updating to 6.3, it shows a master (unedited) and a virtual copy that appears edited, but doesn’t register as having edits made.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Some have this problem the database causes the problem I think. I move imiges between desk and laptop and have never had a problem but ensure program versions are the same. I had been away and after the final edits on my photoes on the desk PC copied the results, resulting in deleted imiges and changed dops back to the laptop. I didn’t have any problems but I did delete the PL data base afterwards as i dont use anything that needs it. But quick check before looked OK in PL. DXO really sort this out as many others as I said do have problems copying between computers and its the database not coping with the changes thats said to be the cause.

Are you Mac or Windows, viewing edit history sounds like Mac.

Sidecar files don’t contain the advanced history. So when you move the files to another machine the history is lost. Advanced history is stored in the database only on Mac. On windows the advanced history is only stored in RAM. So as soon as you close the program the history is gone.

In my mind the history should be stored in the sidecar for both platforms. But this is not how the program behaves.

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If PL sees DOPs lacking images, it will delete them. If it sees images lacking DOPs, it assigns a new unique identifier, and then the arrival of the DOP makes it create the VC.

So, if you move images between computers for PL to use, you should:

  1. Make sure PL on the sending computer has created a DOP for each image (turn DOP sidecar creation on in Advanced Settings if necessary).
  2. Always move both the image and its DOP sidecar together, not allowing PL on the receiving computer to see the image alone (that gives rise to the spurious unedited VC). Either close PL on the receiving machine, or make sure it has a different folder selected in the PhotoLibrary tab. This preserves the current editing state, but no history, as others have said.
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I assume you moved the RAWs and their associated sidecar/.dop files … Right ?
If so, that was the correct process … BUT;

  • I suspect the problem arose in moving a from a later version environment to an earlier version.
  • There are “version stamps” stored in the sidecar files … So, it’s likely the 6.2 version ignored the 6.3 sidecar files as being of “unknown format”.

The advised process would be to have upgraded PL on your 2nd computer first.

John M