Move to .net Core?


I am wondering IF or WHEN, DXO Photolab might move to use .net core instead of .net framework? I realize that only dxo can answer this, but in case anyone has heard something that might affect this or know about some EOL for .net framework or similar that could help too!

(Some will ask why I want to know this and even more will then know better and explain all sorts of things about dxo’s intentions and situation, so let’s get that out of the way; The reason I ask is that it seems a plausible way to maybe get dxo to run under linux using wine since .net core 3 supports wpf (on windows) and seems more compatible with wine than .net framework, (see ) so with dxo being the only reason I keep a windows partition I’d really like that. As for tons of more or less sensible arguments flying both ways please read DXO Softwares on LINUX ! (please .....) first if you intend to argue about other issues than the question above, thanks!)

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Good morning,

The transition from .NET Framework to .NET Core is not planned (at least not for PL4). If the plans change I’ll let you know.

Svetlana G.

did I miss something …PL4??? :innocent:

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PL3 has been already released in October,2019 , so yes the future work is for PL4 :wink:

Svetlana G.

The number 4 is unlucky in China. Remember Apple’s attennagate with iPhone 4! I suggest you follow the market trend and go for PL2021 or PL21, it would bring DXO up to date with modern marketing practice.

Believing in “lucky numbers” etc… and link it with “modern” is actually an interesting concept:) Sounds to me completely out-dated, but I guess I too much science oriented then.

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My knowledge of .NET core is a couple of years out of date but IIRC core is used for server applications and framework for applications with GUI.

Capture One 20 is still version 13.0 under the hood, same for Adobe software versions where the product name doesn’t match the version number most of the times. It’s all a bunch of marketing BS and every culture has different unlucky numbers and superstitions so I don’t see the point really.

There was Luminar who had year dated product and dropped that, then ON1 and now C1, to me they do it just to remember the year it was released.

Lets get PL up to v12 like they did with Optic Pro.
Because 13 is bad number! :upside_down_face:


well .net core is good for that too, but more than that it’s to be the official replacement of .net framework going forward and no more major .net framework versions will be released (which is why I added the “when” in my question).

But since there are tons of legacy programs I’m sure framework will be supported many years with critical and safety fixes, but in order to make the transition easier MS “broke” some of the initial ideas with core being OS independent and has now added wpf and windows forms support in core, but only for the windows version (to make transitions to core easier/cheaper for existing framework applications).

That said, core is open source so the winforms and wpf code in it is too, so I don’t know if that (being able to read the code for wine devs), or some other difference between core and framework is behind the article I linked that it seems easier to get wpf apps using core to work on linux (using wine).

Thanks for the quick reply! (Even if not my favored answer =) )

You are welcome and by the way I didn’t say No :wink: (it’s No for PL4)

Svetlana G.

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Very interesting information, thanks for taking the time.

Hi all, I just wanted to let you guys know that wine seems to have evolved enough to kind of manage this! I can run Photolab in linux! I’m still experimenting but in short, if

  1. Installing winehq-staging (version 5.2) and the 191224 winetricks
  2. Install .net 4.8 and d3dcompiler_47 using winetricks
  3. Change windows version to win10 (with winecfg)
  4. Run dxo photolab 3 installer (with wine64)
  5. Change windows version to win7 (with winecfg)
  6. Try to run photolab a few times (doesn’t seem to work at first) (with wine64)

…then I can run Photolab 3 under Linux!

So far I think it uses CPU only so it’s kind of slow but will try different direct x variants…dxvk seems to crash it for me, but will try variants of OS setting, net version and direct x drivers installed with winetricks.

I also managed to get DXO Optics Pro 11 to work in a similar way. Worth noting is that when using a “dirty” wineprefix where I had played around with different directx/dxvk didn’t work so use a clean new one.

Also the system and drivers might be a factor, I use kubuntu 19.10, have a nvidia 1070 with the 330 driver and an intel skylake CPU (6700k, yeah yeah I’ll upgrade with the next ryzen generation, last one was fine but no ssd vendors really used pcie4 to its full extent so waiting for the next one).

@sgospodarenko, if you have a linux-savvy dev, the potential additional customers could maybe be worth at least few hours to investigate this a little bit and come up with na unsupported unofficial “rough guideline” for Photolab under linux maybe =)?