Mouse zoom, not scroll?

I’ve bween using DxO PhotoLab 2 for several months.

Up until now, the scroll wheel on my mouse controlled zoom in/out on a photo - I believe it was the default. Now, suddenly, the scroll wheel scrolls up/down.

I don’t particularly care why it changed, but would like to klnow how to return the old behavior.

Any ideas on this?


Zooming is the default and only option available in PhotoLab when a mouse pointer is hovering over an image. The problem is probably elsewhere. Check your computer’s mouse setup.


Yep. Checked that first :slight_smile:

Knowing that it’s the default definitely narrows down the scope of the issue.


Have you rebooted your computer since the problem began? I’m on a PC. Perhaps if you are on a Mac things are a bit different.



Turns out it was the mouse itself. Was using an Logitech Anywhere MX. Located a wired USB mouse, and it worked. Located a Bluetooth mouse - Logitech M535 - and it also worked.

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