Most used tool: Rectangle

Note: I rarely use VP outside the OP/PL platform, that is, in standalone. That said, the most used VP tool I use is the Rectangle tool. After that, I will use the general advanced settings by themselves to produce photos that are not completely corrected but only somewhat corrected. I will nearly always do this manually, turning off the Auto perspective correction. Volume Deformation almost never, and I’ve tried the Miniature effect, just to see how it worked, but never applied it to any of my photos.

Most often, I will straighten photos of rectangular artwork or signs and posters. I have used the VP tools for architectural photos, both exteriors and interiors, but tend to retain a little bit of perspective distortion since modern viewers have come to expect at least some in such photos.

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Same here. I found perspective (and lens) correction the differentiating pros for DxO OpticsPro against Lightroom and Aperture - years ago.

I’d apreciate if force rectangle were coupled with the crop tool for a specific series of work I have waiting for me…

I use VP3 with PL and the standalone with an external editor when needed. The most important feature for me is the automatic perspective control and its slider to make the correction precise. VP3 is much better than the lens corrections built into the various third-party editors I use.

Okay i understand VP3 is better…I wanted to ask.,is there any any other alternative to it…I mean is something much better than it introduced?Thanks in advance.mybkexperience