More Robust Capabilities

I would like to have Silver Effects offer more intricate and robust adjustments. I’m using TK8 to use it’s masking capabilities and the product’s control over all of the “zone system” and it’s ability to mask “colors”
It would be great to be able to do all adjustments in Silver Effects. Thanks.

Could you elaborate further?
Maybe then I have an answer for you (using Nik filter since more than 10 years).

TK8 is an advanced colour/luminosity range masking system designed to run in Ps. It is built by an independent developer and is Ps centric. It runs as a plugin panel and uses Ps actions extensively. Very powerful and probably beyond the scope of Nik. Would be interesting to hear what the op would expect to gain from such masking? It does though take masking to the next level although as Ps onboard masking improves the gap narrows.

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