More PL2 Crashes

I recently performed a PL2 upgrade. Since then, the application has been crashing, mostly on exit, but occasionally while in the middle of editing an image. This is reminiscent of a buggy version awhile back where it was crashing a lot. After that version was updated, it was stable, but apparently, that particular defect has returned.

PL2 2.3.1 Build 41.

Cannot confirm this from my side. Running Mojave, PL2 same version and build like yours.

Have you kept the installer of the last release that worked nicely? If yes, you could go back to that it.

I sometimes do the following

  • duplicate DPL before an update, which provides an easy fallback.
  • use the backup to revive an older version
  • delete the database* and cache files to possibly revive a DPL that does not work as expected

Note* can void your edits. Keep sidecars to reduce impact.

Hi Platypus … I don’t have the older installer but your strategy might be advisable in the future. I would not expect a commercial product to require such an upgrade strategy.

I’ve thought about deleting the database (mine of which is now 307 MB) but that would also trash my projects, which I have started to use in earnest. I don’t see an easy way to export that part of the DB because the images get internal IDs that won’t be the same once the DB is rebuilt.

The crashing seems to be intermittent for the moment, but it does echo problems I’ve had in the past.

For the record: MacBook Pro Sierra 16 GB memory, 1 TB disk.

No time machine backup to restore from?

Ah well there is that … I’m pretty diligent about those. Thanks for the reminder.

Also keep in mind that in case of crashes, it would be worth contacting our support team. They’ll provide you with a script to save the crashes and some other info, so we can investigate this more thoroughly.

We usually take a look at crashes since we have some automatic crash reporting already, but sometimes it can help us to have more info as well to reproduce and fix it. It could be caused by specific images or a specific case that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise.