More flexibility of the UI - Floating windows

Hello DXO,
as I have a decadent setup of 3 x 24" monitors I would like to be able to unfold all the tool palettes. It is convenient to work only with favourite tools, but when I switch on all my most needed tools with all palettes on I have to scroll down which takes a lot of time becaus every time I have to search again the needed tool. For me it would be far better if I had all palettes open side by side all the time with all tools open (no favourite mode) In my experience (other than most UI designers suggest) it is more comfortable and needs much lesser clicks if all the tools are open. You learn very fast where to click. If somebody works with applications like AutoCAD with toolbars knows what I mean.

You can create a user workspace and place all of the palettes as desired, and if you want you can create custom palettes that contain subsets of the DxO ones or different combinations of tools, as you require. I work with two monitors and place all of the palettes on the secondary monitor, reserving the primary monitor for just the image being worked on.

Due to space limitations on my second monitor I:
a) don’t have all of the palettes, but the ones not present are ones I never / rarely use
b) some of the palettes are fully or partially collapsed by default.
With three monitors you should be able to achieve what you want.

Thank you very much. I read it in the manual that one can do so but it didn´t found where to click and draw. After some clicking I found out, when I click two times on the icon of the palette an additional black row underneath pops up. When I click on this black field with the name of the palette in it I can move the palette. I never saw this black field before. You saved my day! Thank you very much!

This is always a sign for a professional program, that you can configure the UI as you want :wink: Thank you again!

As old Photoshop user I like floating palettes that I can open and close with kbd shortcuts. All raw converters have monolithic interfaces though and I think that fad is not going away.
This is not really a problem as configurable sidebar is quite acceptable.