More export to Lightroom options

I would like to have better options when exporting to Lightroom from DXO Photolab.

Right now actions are extremely limited.

I am using Lightroom Classic with DXO as a plug-in. I transfer my raw files to DXO through DXO Plug-in in Lightroom (that part works great!), do some pre-edits in them (mostly denoise and optical correction, as well as smart lighting and auto-horizon correction) and then export as DNG to continue editing in Lightroom. When exporting DNG to Lightroom, I rename the file and place them above the original picture in a stack. And I want the new DNG to be in the same folder and same collection as the original one (not in a DXO randomly created collection!). With the current “export to Lightroom” dialog a lot of that is not possible. So I have to use “export to disk” and then manually add the photo to Lightroom using folder synchronization.

So the “export to Lightroom” dialog would be much more complete if we had the additional following option:

  • Same renaming options as in export to disk
  • Choice of the folder option as in export to disk
  • Choice of Lightroom collection : same as original or a new user specified one or keep current behavior for those who are used to it
  • Lightroom’s stacking option: whether to put the new file in a stack with the original one or not. And if yes, choice of putting it below or above or on top.

And then why not we could also imagine that it allows similar options as in the Lightroom import dialog:

  • Apply specific star rating, color label, flags, keywords or other metadata
  • Apply a Lightroom develop preset
  • Specify what kind of preview we want Lightroom to create (smart preview, 1:1 preview, etc)

Finally this would only be complete if it had the same preset system that the “export to disk” dialog have.

I don’t know if all of that is technically possible as some of the options I am suggesting may not be available to Lightroom Plug-ins. But I think DXO should implement all the ones that Lightroom Classic allows.

Some, if not all, of your requests can be implemented by modifying the DxO-exporter plugin by anyone having enough time and mastering the Lightroom plugin SDK and the LUA language (don’t ask me, for the moment I have no time :slight_smile: ) . The DPL exporter and importer plugins are “open source” (probably not in the legal sense of these words) and are not obfuscated (they are readable and modifiable). So, this can be done by a third-party. DxO would probably say “at your (our) own risk”.

On the other hand, DxO choosed another approach for the PureRAW plugins : these plugins are obfuscated and there’s nothing that can be done about them beside rewriting them completely (a difficult task because we don’y know how DPR interacts with this code).