More color labels


It would be nice if we could create our own color labels and have more of them than we have now.


Hi Sigurd,
do you really think we don’t have enough
( already not ‘compatibel’ to other programs )?

For my workflow, i could use twice as much. Very easy to filter using the color labels.

Eg a color per location during a race.

OK, I think we need to have a color editor to created tags with unlimited coloration using user-defined Hue, Saturation, Luminocity … that will nail it

Since the Label tag is just a string, you can have whatever you want, not just colours. It’s just that some apps have used colour names and associated them with a colour.

Name + color would be perfect actually :slight_smile:

How can one dare to use color names and associate them with colors? Really mean people only, right? That’s like using stars for judging an image’s value. Hold on – that’s also going on? :face_with_spiral_eyes: scandalous.

But in which language? Colour names are localised to the current locale. This means that an image tagged “Red” on an English computer will not show a colour on a French computer because it is expecting “Rouge”

Free choice, it would be nice if we can create our own tags, with colors and ability to filter on those in an easy way.

thought of using keywords with color ‘names’???

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@COBRASoft, if you moved the thread to the feature request part of the photoLab section, people could vote for your proposal.

Note: Current implementation is limited regarding the exchange of colour labels between different apps. Some kind of translation table would be necessary to improve the situation. Adding more labels will increase the number of non-transferable labels though.

As for “island use”: the more the merrier :wink:

This will be OK if you just use a software that supports more than eight color labels or so but not necessarily OK if you use several applications like I and many others do that don´t support this. Today it works fine in Lightroom I guess and for me it works fine between Photolab, PhotoMechanic and XnView but not all of them are all that flexible. It is like Joanna say that the sync is leaning on “a text string” describing the colors like “red”, “blue”, yellow e.t.c.

In Photomechanic it is possible and easy to match both the colors and these descriptive “strings” with Lightroom och Photolab but it is absolutely impossible to use more colors than what is hardcoded in that interface (which is eight i PM and nine in XnView).

If one need to have more identifiers than eight it is better to use some other variable. That can be a little bit tricky because to be useful these variables have to be among those that get indexed by your software (in PhotoMechanic not all of all these variables get indexed) which might complivcate things too.



As you can see XnViews default color (that I dont see have I can change) almost match but there is no “Pink” color so in that case I have to use “White” the Color for “Pink”.

Photolab has a choice they cal None (Black)
So I might change the mapping in both XnView and PM to match that and call it “None”

Texts under “Read” are XnView Defaults.

At least more consistent with Photolab despite I never use “Black”. In this case I had to adapt the totally inflexible Photolab to the rest of my “environment”.

Not even sure if I can still move the topic…

… but isn´t that to ask för problems using one variable för several tasks/variables?

That might be OK as long as you live in a strictly local French environment. I only use English metadata in my image library (I mean who speaks Swedish??) since I publish some images on the Internt with Swedish descriptive texts that are possible to read in English through a link that gives the reades the stories in English.

Historically French was the Lingua Franca in the postal system but I don´t know even if that is true these days. In Sweden there isn´t really a state controlled postal system anymore since decades. Everything is privatized. Today we pick up mail and parcels at different local shops when we buy food instead.

I also think especially keywords in general are completely useless on the Internet because they just tend drown in the common Internet “Noise”. I have a tremendous benefit om them locally in my own personal PM image library but I never use them on the net. I usually trust Title, Caption, Headline and Description more. They are far more useful than the keywords in an environment like that.

For me it’s also a personal thing while working within PhotoLab.

It would be nice to be able to use the tags, or whatever we want this to be, in other apps with mapping. The exchange with other apps might be a problem though, even with mapping.

My workflow is 99% PhotoLab, the ability to filter in the app is crucial to ‘me’ and for that I would like more options. Colors is what we have today, text + colors as tags would be awesome for ‘my’ workflow.

The IPTC Status subpalette provides the field Instructions that I would use to document steps within a workflow, if my other apps can handle (edit, find) this field.

I don’t really need more colours but why not.

What I wish is a synchronisation with colours in macOS finder : that would be really useful (note that pink does not exist in macOS).

I use Color labels to highlight the comments of panoramas to stitck (outside of DxO PL unless we get this feature one day !) and I am obliged to set collars in Finder (I have written a program).