Monochrome with full color in small regions

I’ve included a screen grab of an image where I want the image in monochrome (no problem with doing that). However, I want the three shields over the portal in full color. What’s best way to do this short of going to cut and past in an external app (e.g., GIMP)? I’m currently using PL6, but have PL4 and 5 if needed.

2022-10-23 13_19_31-DxO PhotoLab 6.0.1

(The location is Port Royal, Nova Scotia)

You could just apply a mask over the image apart from the shields and turn the saturation all the way down on the mask.

I count dropping to saturation = 0 as “if all else fails”, only because I’d like to use a Filmpack for the monochrome “effect”. It may well be that my only choice is external image manipulation. Or maybe there’s a way to handle the whole project in PL. Hence my original post. [/ smile]

You can’t do it using FilmPack in PhotoLab, but you may be abler to accomplish what you want using Silver Efex Pro 3 in the DxO Nik Collection if you have that software. You can use control point and the Selective Colorization slider. The image below was exported to Silver Efex Pro from PhotoLab.


Add a link to the original file (RAW if possible) and we might be able to give you a few hints.

I have Silver Efex Pro 3, so I’m good there. Is the blue pot how it originally appeared or was it colored (e.g., sample and drop)? Note that several colors appear in the three shields in the screen grab. Sample and drop isn’t an option there.

It is the original color which was revealed using the Selective Colorization slider. I did also added some additional enhancement with some other sliders. This was just a sample that I created especially for you as an example. I really don’t think this particular monochrome image was enhanced by the presence of the large intense blue pot.


Here is the original image.

Oh I don’t know, it’s a splendid pot as far as pots go

It is not the pot, but it’s color amongst the monochrome image, with which I have a problem… Spot color can serve a very useful purpose, but I’m just not sure it works in this case.


Meh… “proof of concept”, not “conceptual art”. [/ grin]