Monochrome processed with 7.5

I processed this with my re-installed 7.5.

No Filmpack, Nik or anything else - just PL 7.5


I’ve been using PhotoLab without FP and VP extensions for some time now. I thought that I’d really miss the fine contrast sliders added by having a film pack license - and it’s probably still my top motivator to use FilmPack - but have managed to work around it. I also used B&W film emulations but again, can do without in most cases.

Getting yearly updates for PhotoLab, ViewPoint and FilmPack is simply too expensive, specially considering that my main photo app is Lightroom. Nevertheless, I buy licenses occasionally and then, I usually get one of the bundles … if available.

Costs are a relative thing based on how you value something. Unlike you, I do not use Lightroom. I use the entire DxO suite of tools, as well, as occasionally the Nik collection 7, for all my editing. I stay up to date on everything. For me, it is completely worthwhile., but I certainly understand that for others it maY not be a cost-effective option.

I also have licenses for ON1 photo raw and Affinity photo 2, but quite frankly, I never find a need for using them.


Like you, ì only ever really use PhotoLab, FilmPack and ViewPoint. Occasionally straying to Affinity Photo 2 for stacking, panoramics and the odd bit of corner filling.

I don’t stack or build panoramas and find little need for using other software, But I own it if the need somehow arises…


…and On1?

The biggest hurdles that hold me from dropping Lightroom are
a) PhotoLab’s sub-optimal asset management and search functionality,
b) the absence of proper housekeeping like automated backups, consistence checks etc.,
c) the feeling that DxO is wasting energy by maintaining apps that carry parts of what should be one app.

Anyways, B&W can be created with DPL alone, be it with or without non-B&W accents.

I’ve got it or, at least, an old version (2018) but haven’t used it for years.

Which is why, along with only being able to see one folder and not its sub-folders, that I wrote my own - and I use it every day as a “front end” for managing assets, so that I can double-click on any image(s) and it takes me directly to PhotoLab.

I don’t use the database at all and I have Time Machine for continuous backups and SuperDuper for “belt and braces”.

Indeed. I did actually buy Nik Collection, looked at it, didn’t like it and found that I could do everything in PL without leaving the RAW workflow.

Apart from those that don’t want to pay for FilmPack or ViewPoint, I am happy to pay for the latest versions as they come out, because of the time and effort they save me.