Moire removal / defringing as a local adjustment

The moire removal slider in PhotoLab/Optics Pro is very destructive of small colourful elements (esp. red and blue things). It would be beneficial to be able to apply moire correction locally with a brush or a control point. The same goes for Chromatic Aberrations and Purple Fringing corrections.

Example scenarios where this is a problem: portraiture. Moire is a fairly frequent phenomenon with various types of clothing with some kind of small patterns like stripes, or high frequency texture. If one applies a global correction, it invariably destroys the colour of the lips or eyes if they are relatively small in the frame.

Another suggestion – the current moire removal takes care only of the chrominance aspect of moire, but it leaves the luminance patterns in place. It would be great if moire removal in PhotoLab could take care of both chroma and luma aspects of moire.

Please vote to support the suggestion of moire removal and defringing as a local adjustment.

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Who else dislikes moiré? We need more anti-moiré votes… :wink:

I have a G80 and in detailed images or bricks do gives moiré effect.
(i posted some examples and sent them to DxO never a answere if it was solvable)
And CA control does effect colors which arn’t chromatic abberation but actual wanted colors.
Same as purplefringing control will give some strange color effects on tree brances.

So maybe is it interesting to start up this thread again.
One thing i always find “irritating” is the fact that CA isn’t corrected in full view you have to zoom in 75% before its gone. (I would like a corrected CA at full view.)
This way you see the actual effect on the hole image before you export.

Your point is very clearly explained Sankos. I find the explanation helpful in itself to know where the limits are of the anti-moiré tool in PhotoLab (so far it has worked well for me).

I’m a bit concerned that adding anti-moiré in the local adjustments goes the direction of a full pixel editor inside PhotoLab. I like the simplicity of the current adjustment. If I had really difficult moiré, I’d be inclined to take the image into a pixel editor post-raw processing, either Photoshop CS6 or Affinity Photo or Acorn in my case.

It’s a detailed and actionable feature request though and should certainly be added to the list of pixel editor type improvements which could be made in the future if more pixel editor type functionality is added.

In Photolab 1 the original implementation of Local adjustments included 10 adjustment sliders in one row. Sometime later in 2018 they updated it to 15 sliders in 3 rows, its current state. They added sliders for highlights, midtones, shadows, blacks, and hue if I recall correctly. Based on your join date here later in the year, perhaps you weren’t aware of that upgrade. It was a major and welcome enhancement in my opinion. As long as it works and doesn’t significantly affect performance I have absolutely no problem with DXO expanding the feature set of Local Adjustments.


I’m very keen on local adjustments continuing to get love and attention just not at the expense of performance or coverage for new camera bodies and lenses. I’d also like any work on the local adjustments not to be just a “feature add” but to work really well and not negatively affect performance. As you know well, adding features just to hit as many checkboxes as possible can cripple an app.

If the next anti-moiré enhancement is as simple as adding the existing anti-moiré slider in local adjustments which works behind the existing mask system, I’m all for it. It would be a great add.

I found my earlier post about moiré problem.

Quote from someone on DPR:
Don’t use Chromatic aberration “Size” higher than 4 unless you really, really have to, because anything higher than 4 starts to mess up your colors. Unlike other parameters, by default it’s 4 and not automatic, for a very good reason. Same with the purple fringing checkbox, don’t enable it unless you really have to.

I checked some of my image’s and almost all are intensity 100 size 6. for CA and
Moiré is at 100% at altime
Purple fringing is just a checkbox so i can’t see when it is active(repairing)

My point for starting up this thread again is also why are the “magic want” settings causing trouble? Again because it’s not visible (the repaired view) in the full view mode i was enable those to be safe. Because i don’t want to be searching in every image if there is CA or Moiré or purple fringing somewhere.
and reading this post is causing me to ask my self to reconsider the value of the magic want tool.


I would like to express my support for this. I was about to create a thread for exactly the same thing (I was going to title it “moiré as a local adjustment”).

Implementation-wise, it doesn’t seem like it should be any more difficult to turn into a local adjustment than blur, which has already been made into one.

Local adjustments including blur were added into PhotoLab 1 in 2017 from the Nik Collection after it was was acquired by DxO. In general, the Local Adjustment tools are not identical to the like named global versions.

While the Local Adjustment equalizer tools were ported to a Local Adjustment panel when the equalizer was removed, that was a relatively minor effort compared to creating a new local adjustment version of a global tool. While having moiré and defringing tools available locally may be useful, the effort would probably be much greater than you believe it should.


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My conjecture was also based on the observation that what the moiré tool does seems to amount to little more than a blurring of the chroma (which is crude as a global tool but would be serviceable enough if its effect could be contained), such that reimplementing it from scratch might not be that much effort either. Still, thank you for your insights.

(In particular, even assuming that that’s also wrong, maybe implementing it in that way wouldn’t work so badly, if indeed it were a local adjustment.)

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