Module Ambiguity

I have a batch of images that I want to process and export to DNG files. PL6 tells me “1 or more images have module ambiguity” - but it doesn’t tell me which one! How do I figure out which image(s) are the problem? I think PL used to put a camera “icon” on thumbnails with module ambiguity, but I see nothing now. Nothing unusual about these images - using standard lenses where modules are available.

If you select the filter icon above the image browser (to see a list of filters you can apply to the image browser), you will see the icons that have to do with module ambiguities. Make sure either no filters are selected or the filters for module ambiguities are selected. Then you will see the images you’re looking for in the image browser with the ambiguity icon(s) visible. Note, however, that (on Windows, at least) such icons disappear while you are scrolling through the image browser.


Thanks! I found the images with the problems and fixed them.