"Module Ambiguity"

When I try to export an image from Photolab, I some times get a message that tells me there is an “module ambiguity” in the batch que.

I only process one image at a time. I do not have a batch que. I have searched for the problem.

I have concluded that this error message arises when I am trying to reprocess a RAW file, and there is a conflict between the two side-cars. Is this correct?

How can I resolve this?

Are you saying you have two .dop files for one raw file in the same folder? There should only be one .dop file per raw file no matter how many times you edit it. Does this happen often? Did you inadvertently copy in a second sidecar file for the same raw file from a different folder or computer? What version of PhotoLab are you using?


I believe this is about a missing lens/optics module for that image file.
There may be a small camera icon on the thumb that you click on and select a lens profile.

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It’s not a problem I’m familiar with so you may be correct, But it still doesn’t explain why she has two sidecar files for the same raw file.


Perhaps she is referring to an xmp and a dop file with the same number.

I thought of that after I posted. Will have to wait for her to respond.


Ah. I think this is the problem.
I am using the Sony 7Riii with a 24-70 Sony Zeiss lens. HOWEVER, I am using an A-mount lens with one of the adapters. Several times, I’ve picked this lens, but each time I open the images made with this combination, the little orange icons are there indicating that they don’t recognize the camera-lens combo.

I do not have two side cars. That isn’t the problem. (See below). The problem is that Photolab 3 is not recognizing my lens because I am using an A-mount lens with an adapter on the Sony 7Riii.

Several times, when I see the little orange icons, I tell Photolab that I am using the Sony Zeiss lens, but it doesn’t recognize it…or it forgets if I don’t remind it each time I open the RAW file.

My only experience is getting the warning and choosing a lens combo as seen in the example attachment here.

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OK, I guess I misunderstood what you meant when you said, “I have concluded that this error message arises when I am trying to reprocess a RAW file, and there is a conflict between the two side-cars.”


Sorry. I wasn’t sure what the problem was. I was guessing, as we often do when we can’t explain a problem.

And I went and checked to see if two side-cars were in the folder. Didn’t mean to dismiss your suggestion.

Not a problem. It was just a miscommunication between us.


I just checked (PhotoLab 3 - Windows) with A7RIII raw files and 24-70 f/2.8 Sony Zeiss lens in A mount with an LA-EA3 adapter.
When opening the directory, I have to choose between: Tamron SP 24-70, Zeiss 24-70 SSM and Zeiss 24-70 SSM II. There is indeed an ambiguity at the start since the Exif probably do not allow to define which one is used.
Once the correct module has been downloaded, no problem exporting to the disk afterwards, including closing / reopening Photolab.
It would be interesting to check in the list of installed optical modules if several modules can correspond to this zoom.

A late postscript to this as I had the same problem as the OP and it might help someone else.

It seems that a DxO Lens module can also cover several variants within a ‘model’ designation. I had the modules installed both for the camera body and for the lens (both Canon) but was still getting this error when trying to export images. It turned out that I had to specify exactly which version of the lens it was (in this case IS / IS STM/ IS USM). Once I did that, everything seemed to become clear… so far.

Tom, Thanks I had this same issue just now. You are spot on with the fix.!!! :+1: