Missing task bar with U-Point

Hi everyone,
Since i watched U-Point webinar on Dxo website, i noticed that i didn’t have the tool bar bellow picture, when i used U-Point. My photolab is up to date. I’m a pc user. Mac version is quite different on webinar than pc, but still, how to get that tool bar ?


Photolab on my computer

Photolab on webinar

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Well, it’s not a bug but a difference between Win and Mac. You can find these options in the palette itself.

Svetlana G.

I get annoyed about this difference every time I go from Mac back to my Windows PC.
The possibilities and the user interface are better solved on the Mac for many editing steps.
How long will we continue to discuss the differences before the developers eliminate them?


Interesting to know devide between Mac and Windows use of op? I would think windows would be the biggist one, if so I would think it should be the program used in such demos not the less used version to reduce this problem.

Dear @John7

I don’t know how many licenses of Mac/Win versions are sold by DXO, but I think even today a lot of people are interested in graphic software, teaching stuff like Adobe or Affinity software will work on Mac.
After 35 years with windows, I decided this year to give Mac a try, and there are a lot of workflows i prefer with Mac. But sometime I also desperate with some things, especially the context sensitive work with objects. But I think my learning curve has some place for improvements :grin:
And for me at the moment windows is still my main operating system.
I can not understand why the differences between Mac/Windows are so great working with DXO. I own also Affinity Suite for Mac/Win and here are the differences almost negligible.
Watching a tutorial where the tutor owns Mac I can follow all the steps on Windows.
Also what platypus in the post How to use PhotoLab on multiple Apple Computers - #69 by Joanna has found out, leaves me a little perplexed and thoughtful.
It almost sounds as if there are not two development departments here, but 2 different companies working on the products.
This is also one of the reasons why I decided during the beta test not to work with DOP, XMP inside DXO, but to use only the RAW tools.

Maybe everything will change for the better with version 6



DxO are supposed to be working on eliminating differences between Win and Mac but they are actually adding to the problem with each new release! Just look at the differences in the DOP files between Win and Mac.

If I were running the development teams I would ensure that ALL new functionality was identical and any changes made to existing functionality was changed to make sure they are identical between Win and Mac if required. Any spare resource capacity would then be allocated to bringing GUIs into sync.


Well, from examining the Mac app bundles, I can confirm that the “common” non-visual code is written for both platforms but the visual stuff is definitely crafted once for Mac and once for Windows. That way, we don’t get one of those horrendous apps that doesn’t quite feel right on either platform - which is both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good because the app “feels” totally right in terms of the OS it is running on but bad because it does mean disparities between the two UIs are more likely, depending on which platform gets written first, or even, sometimes, whether the native widget set supports a particular UI paradigm.


And what does our DXO secret agent for the elimination of differences say about it

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Merry Christmas all !

Thank you everyone to response to my topic. Not all options are in the palette (local settings). I found (shortkeys too):

  • create a new mask
  • show the mask
  • Closed
    the last one is still missing “Afficher les zones recadrées” (display the cropped areas)

Mac version looks more intuitive, easy to access.

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