Missing "Search for corrections" field and slider and no Watermark

I am using PL 4.2 on Windows and iMac. I am missing the “search for corrections” on the devlopment page in both versions and “Watermark” button in the Windows version?


In the Windows there are also no “Preferences” stars in the tools pallette but in the Mac version Preferences can be selected.


Is this a bug or a feature? Where is the settings button to enable these things?

Good morning @Dilmash and welcome o the forum,

It seems to me you have “Essential” version on Windows and that is why you do not see Search, Favorite/Active filter and a Watermark.

Could you, please, double check?

Svetlana G.

Sure, I do have the Essential version but look…

The MacOS version does have favorites and watermark, Windows version does not! that is that is at least surprising!

Dear @Dilmash ,

But they are disabled and you can’t use them on Mac, right? It’s just a difference in presentation: on Win we hide everything which is unavailable and on MAC - display but disabled.

Svetlana G.

I haven’t tested it any further. I have now upgraded to the prime version.I think I’ll stick with PL. I came from LR but I hate their licensing methods.
Thank you for your help. Regards, Peter

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