Missing move tool in toolbar


first I have to admit: I am a newbie to PL5. So, sometimes I’m a bit lost. As in this case!

When I watch video tutorials on PL5 I can see that there is supposed to be a move tool availlabe in the horizontal toolbar (customize module). But I can’t see it here on my PC (see image: lower one from training video, upper one from my computer). Is there an option to hide/display the move tool icon?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @VMB ,
This is due to a difference that we currently have between the Mac & the Windows version…
On Mac, the user has to choose the “hand tool”, while on Windows it’s selected by default as long as no other tools are already selected.

EDIT - Please note: no matter what, even when a tool (other than the hand) is selected, you can still trigger the “hand mode” by pressing the space bar.


Hi @StevenL,

Thanks for your quick help. That’s a UI design decision you can make that way, no question. Nevertheless, I would suggest to rethink it as it has the potential to confuse new users (see my case).

In most apps I can click on an icon to activate the respective function. In case of PL I have to “put back” the currently used tool (be it the crop tool or the colour picker) in order to reactive the “hand tool”. It seems a little bit unusual to me. I think a dedicated “hand tool” would not harm experienced users but help new ones a lot.

Best, Volker

Sorry, I realized my previous post needed some clarifications…
The hand tool, can always be triggered by pressing the space bar.
You can select the WB eye dropper for instance, and if you press the space bar you immediately activate the “hand tool”, until you release the bar…

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Thanks! That does the trick.

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